Stupid Man/Husbad/Dad

LendingTree Commercial "Neighborhood" Campaign

Lending Tree "Neighborhood" Campaign (watch on YouTube)

LendingTree TV campaigns are generally cute with their muppet icon. Their tagline "When banks compete you win" is short, poignant, and grabbing.

But this latest commercial's poor attempt to be funny is just lame. Towards the end of the 30 second spot, the husband is rendered speechless by stupidity as the wife rolls her eyes and says "I have to do everything myself." The muppet comments, "Someone is sleeping on the couch tonight."

Putting down Dad/Husband/Man is a lazy trend in marketing to laugh at gender roles. The Wife/Mom/Female knows best and is exhausted by her partner. The Dad/Husband/Man is weak or stupid or can't do anything right. Good thing she's there to say something snippy and fix his mistakes. 

'Men are stupid' is a very tired gimmick. Let's put that to bed. It's not clever and it's not funny. Let's be respectful of both men and women. Let's use real wit and cleverness to grab the attention of our audience.

A better ending could be the wife and husband together saying "$430 dollars a month!", "who is this talking puppet?", "doesn't matter, where's the laptop!!!!" and running into the house. In this way, they are on equal footing and calling out the obvious silly puppet reality stretch.