Capella University "Matter" Campaign

Capella University "Matter" Campaign

Capella University's TV campaigns with the Tagline "Matter" are extremely insulting. The message goes too far, expressing that you can matter in the world by bettering yourself at Capella University. What, I don't matter now? This has personally rubbed me the wrong way. I do matter already and I don't need to go to Capella U to have self worth.

The TV commercials appear to show a day-in-the-life of a student working and studying or a professional hard at work in a difficult world. The message reminds us that there are challenges and the Capella student faces them head on. 

Capella University very likely is a great school, but the marketing is both insulting to consumers and exaggerating its benefits. Never put down your target audience; instead show them how they can be lifted up. Less insulting and truer taglines are "Skills that Matter" or "Learn Skills that Make a Difference".