Cooking Channel "Stay Hungry"

Cooking Channel "Stay Hungry" Slogan (watch on YouTube)

The Cooking Channel has great programming on cooking, entertaining, and food facts. However, their slogan, "Stay Hungry" is just plain silly.

To make any sense of this slogan we have to assume the implication is related to a hunger for knowledge or a hunger for refining cooking skill. It may also be an illusion to Steve Job's famous quote from his Stanford Commencement speech in 2005 where he stated "Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish." General consensus attributes the phrase to mean to never be satisfied and always push yourself.

In the context of a cooking channel, it seems more wrong that cute. If viewers do in fact follow the televised recipes and learn the craft of cooking, then wouldn't ultimately they and their families not be hungry? Is not the entire channel in fact dedicated to keeping people from being hungry?

Better slogans could be "Never be hungry" or "A hunger to cook" or "For food people". These slogans reflect the goal of the site and aren't confusing.