SAHMs are Amazing!

Hey, stay-at-home Mom. Did anyone tell you today that you are critical, that your work is terrifically important, and that you are the strong foundation holding up your family?


Well, that’s okay. You don’t require compliments to do your job. Encouragement isn’t typical to the SAHM day. You don’t do this for the praise or for bonuses. You do it because it’s needed. 

Some days are cry-in-the-closet frustrating. You often face problems that have no answers.

  • Why does my son get headaches? 
  • How can I get my kids to eat more vegetables? Finish their plate? Eat faster? 
  • Are my kids getting enough sleep? Reading practice? Time outside?  
  • Why do I have to yell to get them to listen? 
  • Am I doing enough for my kids? Too much? 

You’re the best person to know and despite being most present, you are unsure. Welcome to the ‘hood (parenthood)! The land of uncertainty, self-doubt, and guilt. You are not alone.

The work of a SAHM is 24/7. While your spouse’s work day may end at his arrival home, your job is endless. You change diapers and sheets in the middle of the night. You make and clean breakfast, lunch, and dinner and do it all again and again and again. Laundry is always waiting. The house is a wreck. The cycle is relentless. Stand tall, you’re a soldier. Your stamina is made of steel (and pumpkin lattes).

You worry your household contribution isn’t worthwhile because it isn’t financial. Irrational guilt undercuts you -you know that- but it still stings. When you feel low, remember that any working parent can’t work without full confidence that the children are safe and well-cared for. You are critical to that equation. You make a career possible which is just as important as the work itself.

You’re a mother, cook, friend, confidante, teacher, chauffeur, shoulder, coach, umpire, miracle-worker, smile-maker, juggler, cheerleader, both good and bad cop. And that’s just by noon.

Everyone does their part and each part is equally important. You may not feel it all the time (or ever) but you are amazing!

Originally published on HVFH on November 22, 2017.

One encouraging comment on the post includes "1,000 times YES to all of this."