Goodbye Babyhood! My Last Baby Turned One

I have three sons and my youngest is my final baby. People say "you never know" but I know. Oh yes, I know.

The youngest just turned one. He walks, he says 10 words, and he waves & kisses on command. Goodbye babyhood because Hugh was my last baby!

I've given away all my adorable pregnancy clothes. I loved them dearly. Each time I couldn't wait to get in them and couldn't wait to get out of them. 

As my youngest grew I also gave away his clothes. Goodbye newborn mittens, goodbye 3 months onesies, and so on! I admit I did keep the hospital take-home outfit, the blue Ralph Lauren romper, and some favorite pieces from each size. I hope to give them to my sons someday when they are expecting.

Hello toddlerhood! Sure, there are different sets of challenges that come with increased mobility and more apparent personality. He'll start to get very opinionated about food and demand to do things himself. But I enjoy it because he can finally show me who he is and what he wants.

It's amazing to watch my sons play together and make each other laugh hysterically. They love splashing each other in the bath and running after each other in the backyard. Now my youngest can do that too. He's off my lap and part of the kids club.

Hello childhood; goodbye babyhood! I think back on those tender moments so fondly like when I nursed my babies and when they melted to sleep on me.  Ahead of us are milestones like tee-ball, riding a bike, and learning to read. Every stage is a gift and I try to never wish away the current moment.

Having a baby is such a sweet and fleeting time in life. I loved (just about) every second of their babyhood but I also love watching them grow up and mature.

Cheers to the new challenges and accomplishments ahead! Cheers to finally having a pre-pregnancy body back! To those who still have babies or have more to come, enjoy every second, even the difficult, late-night, frustrating, exhausting moments. You'll laugh about it and miss it when it's passed.