Christianity as a Philosophy of Life

It is imperative to have a philosophy to guide and explain your life. For some their philosophy comes directly from their religion and others perhaps from traditional Greek or some NeoClassical thought-leadership from pop culture and sadly many others have none. A philosophy dictates how we react to things that happen to us and how we engage in life.

I decided to boil down Christian Lutheranism to a philosophy which I believe guides and explains my life.

On justice.
1) There is one omnipotent God who judges our actions and thoughts.
Applied Philosophy: I am accountable and can't get away with anything even if no other person knows. This is why true Christians strive to be good even if they wouldn't be caught.

On death.
2) This God sent a messiah to free us from death and forgive us for our sins.
Applied Philosophy: Death is not the end of existence and there is salvation for my moral transgressions. This is why true Christians have hope in their lives.

On tragedy.
3) Everything is part of God's plan.
Applied Philosophy: All things work toward good in my life. This is why true Christians put their worries into God's hands.

On purpose.
4) God wants us to be fruitful and multiply.
Applied Philosophy: I am called to create a family structure in which to raise children. This is why true Christians value marriage, pro-life decisions, and raising children.

On what is good.
5) God defined morality for us in the Bible.
Applied Philosophy: I do not decide what is right or wrong; it has been defined for me by a higher authority. This is why true Christians have a universal sense of right and wrong.

On politics
6) This is a fallen, sinful world, populated by fallen, sinful people.
Applied Philosophy: A political outlook based on a constrained vision of human nature is in line with true reality. This is why true Christians expect that in the larger world and in our own lives others can and will disappoint, cause chaos, act selfishly, and cheat others though we always hope and pray for the best in others.