Catch you latermorrow

I make up words. It makes the kids laugh, it gets their attention, and it cuts the tension. A silly word can be fun to make up together. My kids know these words are made up and I'm (sort of) sure they don't use them at school.

Definition: The day after tomorrow
Usage: "See you latermorrow at the party!"

My kids always ask about the schedule for the week. They like to know what to expect. Do you know how many times the day after tomorrow comes up? Too many and it takes too long to say! The opposite of this word is yesterformer, meaning the day before yesterday. It's surprising how frequently it comes up in conversation.

Definition: Chew and swallow, with an undertone of 'please don't choke'.
Usage: "Boys, finish your dinner. Chewallow!"

This word was born at dinner one night where all three boys were eating slowly and not paying attention. I must have said "Chew and swallow" a hundred times before it converged together into one desperate word.

Church quiet
Definition: The quietest possible
Usage: "We are going to Thanksgiving. At dinner I want you to eat everything on your plate and be church quiet."

Church quiet stems from our weekly attendance. We discuss being quiet during the whole service but particularly during the sermon. The children don't want to anger the pastor and so they give it an extra effort.

Cozy pants
Definition: Sweatpants
Usage: "Not feeling well? Go put your cozy pants on and I'll make you a nice breakfast."

Cozy pants are not jeans or khakis. They are soft and comfortable. You want to be cozy? Easy, put on cozy pants!

Chippie dippies
Definition: Tortilla chips with melted cheese and salsa
Usage: "Finish your dinner and I'll make chippy dippies for everyone."

We try to choose salty over sweet treats. It's a family favorite and we have it so often we gave it a name. The kids like saying it.

Pinkie hold
Definition: When a child holds the pinkie finger of the parent, rather than the full hand
Usage: "You're being wild; now you have to do the pinkie hold."

According to my kids, the pinkie is the "baby finger" so holding the pinkie finger is for babies. My son runs around and chases kids at school pick-up. Very often I'm walking to the car and he's running around me and calling to the kids he knows. If he is not walking at my pace and keeping up, he then has to do the pinkie hold. He gets the point.

Naked fork
Definition: A fork without any food
Usage: "Your fork is naked, fix that."

At dinner, you have to eat, you can't be naked (we actually had to say that), and your fork can't be naked. After each bite is taken from the fork, the next bite has to be teed up. Forks must have food on them at all times. This quickens the pace of finishing their plates. It really works!

Definition: To drink water
Usage: "Do you need to hydrate?"

Not a made up word but more fun than saying 'thirsty' The kids know what I mean and it's a huge win because they know a big, scientific word.  Other mothers at the playground are impressed.


Definition: Screaming at the volume of a whisper. 

Usage: Keep your voice down! You can  whisperscream instead.

For when your toddler screams instead of talks. He wants to yell, fine but it has to be a whisper. He finds it funny, you are less embarrassed. 

These are just silly words my family laughs about and uses often. The kids know this is made up fun. Making up words encourages creativity and creates a fun family secret we are all in on.

Leave a comment with the silly words your family uses!