How to Make an Inexpensive & Unique Backpack

When we went back-to-school shopping for a backpack for my five year old son, all he wanted was superheroes. Knowing the quality is lacking and that every other boy in the class would be choosing from the same pool, I said no. Here's how I made us both happy.

You will need:

Buy an inexpensive, quality backpack

There are a lot of poor quality backpacks at a high price because of the character licensing. Not only did I not want to pay a high price for something thin and poor quality but I also do not want my son to have the backpack that every other kid has. This way there is no confusion which one is his.

Have him choose patches

But buying plain wasn't an option. He insisted on his favorite characters so I improvised. I asked him what characters he wanted and found patches online. He's thrilled because he can pick several.

Iron and sew the patches to the backpack

Play around with the arrangement of the patches on the backpack until you find how you ultimately want to leave them. Then iron each patch on using a dishrag to protect the patch from the direct heat. Don't put the iron away.

Next, sew around the perimeter of each patch to secure it for heavy use. The first time I didn't sew and the patches peeled a bit and the kids ripped them off. This step is key to staying in place the full school year.

Next, iron the patches again one last time for a secure glue to the backpack. Now you're done. Your child will love it and cherish that he was able to pick exactly what was on his backpack!