How to Make an Inexpensive Party Banner

This is a step-by-step guide to making an inexpensive banner for a birthday, baptism, or really any kind of party.

You'll need:


Make the banner tags by folding an 8x10 paper in half and then half again. Cut along the fold lines to make four identical rectangles.

Cut the corner off at a diagonal. Place the cut piece on the other corner and cut again. This will make the two sides identical. Repeat this for the number of tags you need for your phrase. Add extra tags for balloon, cross, or space tags.

Line the tags up in order, consider a color pattern if applicable. Place the stencil in the center and outline the letter. Complete the lines if you do not want a stencil-looking font.

When all the letters are complete, fill them in if you wish. Added bonus, an older child might enjoy this task! Clip them to the string as you go. Give extra space between words.

Cut the string with extra length just in case you want to fiddle with spacing when you hang it.