Surviving an All Hell Day

Every once in a while the universe decides to rain down hard on mothers. It’s the sort of the day that feels like a divine punishment or a mean prank. I call this an All Hell Day because it is as though all hell breaks loose.

Recently I was hit hard with one of those days. My two older boys (5 and 3 years old) are home from daycare while I am on maternity leave with my new 6 week old son. Two young boys with an infant is often very trying but this particular day was extraordinarily awful. Here are the highlights:

  1. Oldest son had wet the bed in his top bunk. He woke up ashamed and crying hysterically.
  2. Husband left me a little thumbnail of soap in the shower. I had to run out dripping and cold to get another bar.
  3. While out doing errands, all the car speakers suddenly stopped working. No amount of fiddling with the controls could get any sound back. No more music.
  4. After the first of six loads of laundry needed that day, I noticed the washing machine was leaking a lot of water. A hose was split and all the dirty laundry water gushed out after the rinse cycle.
  5. After setting the boys up with a movie and putting the infant down for a long nap, I was eager to get on the treadmill to work off the baby weight. That was when I noticed the lever to unfold the treadmill was missing and I was unable to open it. Searching the basement for thirty minutes, the piece was nowhere to be found. I had carefully occupied all three boys and mentally prepared to workout and now I couldn’t. This was when I broke down and cried.
  6. While making dinner I realized my middle son was unnervingly quiet. I found him in the normally locked garage pouring wood glue on the tools and himself. This required an immediate bath.
  7. As pajamas were put on the boys I heard a loud crash from down the stairs. The glass globe from the office light had fallen from the ceiling and shattered on the computer. This was when my husband looked and me and said “I feel like we are living in a clown house.”
  8. After nursing, the newborn burped and suddenly threw up all over me.

When all the kids were asleep, my husband found the treadmill piece and put some plumbers tape on the washing machine hose while I cleaned the garage and office. The next day I ordered another globe for the light and my husband reset the car stereo settings which fixed the audio. The All Hell Day was over and thankfully our lives were almost completely back to normal.

Although one day can really test your sanity and make you want to crawl into bed, the next day is always better. I think it’s okay to put all the kids in the car and get an iced coffee from Starbucks to make yourself smile. It’s okay to put on a movie for the kids so that you can calm the situation and fix what’s broken. And it’s okay to get takeout for dinner. If the day gets rough I give myself permission to make things easier. Tomorrow is a new day and inevitably calmer.