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The Martian

The Martian (film) directed by Ridley Scott, based on the book by Andy Weir.

This sci-fi film is just plain fantastic. The story moves at a consistent pace that keeps the viewers' attention. The science is highly accurate, teaching the audience a bit about botany, space travel, Mars, and NASA. Apparently Weir was able to ask insiders at NASA to get the details right. 

The idea of pushing the frontier off earth's surface to our neighboring planet is exhilarating. Too long the US space program has been about unmanned missions. The last time humans have been to the moon is 1972! In this story, the US is in the middle of the third mission to Mars with a crew of five when a storm causes the team to abort. One astronaut is struck in the storm on the way to the exit shuttle and is thought to be dead. Only he's not and left alone on the red planet.

The movie's message is so satisfying: The way to solve a major problem is to solve a bunch of little problems one at a time. When things are overwhelming, break it up into smaller pieces. Take on each issue with your full attention. This is a great message for Millennial Generation, particularly known for short attention spans and giving up easily (so I hear from current high school teachers).

Great message, nice action, accurate science details, and stunning visuals. A current favorite of mine. Well done!